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Print parts/100% Polyester Satin

Unpatterned parts/100% Cotton Plain

プリントに、ひとつひとつの花を写真に撮り構成したTISSU ROUGEオリジナルのインクジェットプリントを使用。


Made with original inkjet-printed fabric utilizing photographs of flowers taken separately and assembled into a floral pattern.

Sharpness of boldly-silhouetted asymmetrical design and flamboyance of floral print coexist in this product.




Colours and textures may differ depending on your operating environment.



Please be sure to read “Attention” before purchasing.



All products photographed here are samples. You may find slight differences in actual products.

Bloom Print Skirt

SKU: TR18S-SK001
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  • 毎月15日までと末日までが受注期間となります

    Every month, until the 15th and the last day will be the ordering period

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